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Welcome to the Awesome Club!
If you're here, you are probably familiar with my musings around the interwebs on fiction, and lifestyle design for creatives. The Awesome Club is a way you can dive a little deeper into the research and thinking I'm doing: or just read Medium Member articles free 😉. 
My main hope here with Podia is threefold:
  • Create a community of other creatives who feel ground down by life as they try to pursue their dreams.
  • Have a direct and more personal way to connect and communicate with people through the Monday Missives.
  • Collect together the knowledge and resources I've acquired into courses and bodies of knowledge: for members.
I truly can't wait to to see you on the other side!

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Awesome Club Initiate
At this level of membership, you'll get some fun perks:
  • An unlocked feed of all my Medium Partner Program Articles.
  • Access to the Awesome Club Resources where I have collected all the tools, services, products, and anything else that I'm using to level up my life.
  • Access to the Awesome Club Facebook community.
  • Weekly Monday Missive newsletter updates on thoughts, ideas, and findings throughout the week.
Awesome Club Boss
At the moment being an Awesome Boss means that you are being, well awesome. Contributing helps me keep paying for the services and tools I use for my projects, also to buy icecreams with my kid. As time goes on I'll be building up a repository of resources and courses exclusive to you folks. Until then though, you'll be helping to support the things I create and buy myself more time to work on exclusives.

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