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  • I’d love to break even on costs, or even help supplement my income with my projects.
  • I’d like to not burnout to do that: the typical indie author has to release a novel every 1-2 months.
  • I’d rather produce the content that a small active community values than a large disengaged one takes nothing away from: a single member can offset between 100-600 listeners worth of add revenue 😱.
  • Most importantly you can get some awesome extras and free stuff.

Why I want Your Money, and What You Get

Connecting With (Not Collecting) a Community
Most of my favorite communities I'm part of, are not the biggest communities I'm part of. Part of the reason is that there is a high level of engagement with each other, and the creators of the community.
Instead of spending almost all my non-creative time chasing down new community members, I'd like to be able to focus more attention on engaging an existing community. While this means slower growth through word of mouth, the Awesome Club helps offset that and provide a better overall experience.

The Right Message vs. The Most Profitable Message
A lot of times the message someone really needs, is in conflict with the most profitable solution for the publisher. I do think that ads/sponsorships and affiliate income are a good thing, but Awesome Club members give me the flexibility to only include them when they don't work counter to the message being given.

Many creatives who don't break into the top of their fields manage to make a living by working at a frantic unhealthy pace. For example, indie fiction authors generally need to be releasing a novel every 1-2 months to keep their income up.
While I think there will certainly be times when you can crack out mounds of awesome stuff, having a diversification can help get through less inspiring periods. Another thing thing that the Awesome Club Members allow is pursuing creative things that aren't commercially viable (short stories, short run niche podcasts), but something that is still great for the community.

Stuff You Get
Aside from the warm fuzzies of supporting the content already being released, there are some extra perks.
  • Private slack channel for members.
  • Any digital products as included downloads
  • Lessons learned as compiled resource guides, and courses. (These will all start small and grow as needed)
  • Early access to my brain nuggets. By nature a lot of the things I'm making exist partially or nearly finished well before I publish them, and you'll have access to them!

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